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Safarai in UAESafarai in UAE
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Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi

Description: Situated in the heart of Jumeirah between Burj Al Arab and Jeremiah beach hotel. It is only 20 Minutes drive from the main city. Wild Wadi is made like a local Arabs Oasis Wadi brings you the most enjoyable rides to all the ages of kids and Adults, Ladies and gents. Wild wadi is totally secured with the plenty of life guards on duty all the time.


An unlimited access to all water rides: Water Activities

  • Jumeirah Sceirah Access
  • Master Blaster Access
  • Ring Rides Access
  • Flow Riders Access
  • Juhas Journey Access
  • Breakers Bay Access
  • Juhas Dhow and Lagoon Access
  • Wadi Wash Access
, Dubai
8 Hours

per adult

Sold Out

Exceed Persons