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Safarai in UAESafarai in UAE
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Next door to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and at the center of Yas Island’s entertainment complex, Yas Water world Abu Dhabi will be the largest water park in the capital. Spread over 15 hectares, the water park features a thrilling range of 43 rides, slides and attractions. Four rides are considered to be one-of-a-kind that have never been seen in a water park.

Yas Water world Abu Dhabi’s theme is based on a legend that represents local Emirate culture and heritage. Building on the legend, the park has a unique pearl diving attraction that showcases the role pearl diving played in the UAE’s rich history.

Yas Water World


Get a taste of the Ultimate Water Adventure that only Yas Water world can offer.

  • Dawwama
  • Liwa Loop
  • See bag
  • Falcon’s Falaj
  • Bandit Bomber
  • Marah Fortress
, Dubai
8 Hours

per adult

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